Saturday, March 16, 2013

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I wanted to get a leather dog collar for Nunu, but couldn't find one I liked. I had some vinyl at home so I decided to make one! Here's how it ended up looking:
If you want to make a cute collar for your dog, here's how I did it!
What I used:
-I had an old dog collar I think is from the dollar store, I just took it apart to use the buckle and the 'D' ring.

-Some vinyl!
-Sewing machine or needle and thread!

Here's kind of a tutorial, I did my best in remembering to take pics along the way:
Measured the width of the collar.
 Made a template out of paper first, I just used the same length since it fit Nunu.
Measure out double the width of the original template. Then cut the vinyl with a rotary cutter.
Checked it on Nunu haha he didn't want to put his head up :(
Sewing time! I just folded two sides toward the middle line and clipped them together since pins would leave holes in the vinyl. I'm pretty broke so I made a ghetto hemming guide with cardboard taped to my sewing machine!
Then attaching the buckle! I just followed the hole on the original collar and sewed the 'D' ring on one side.
Between the buckle and the ring, I attached a rivet. It usually has instructions on the package on how to attach it. I just used a hammer to attach it.
I have a leather hole puncher for rivets, so I just used that to punch holes for the adjustable part on the other end of the collar! I didn't take pictures but this is when I also sewed the end closed.
Here it is on Nunu! Hmm...I realized after it gets kind of hidden by all his hair :( oh well, it was a fun project! Enjoy!
"See it better now? o.o" hehe